Google gets destroyed for political censorship

by Leah Rosenberg

Political censorship is a serious transgression of democracy. But that is exactly what Google does. They have a political agenda in mind, and it’s exposed!

Political Censorship

Political censorship is not the type of thing that should take place in a democratic country like America. But Google (as well as other companies) has taken matters into its own hands. They have used their powers for evil. They have taken their high positions and used their resources to steer people toward a certain political agenda. And yes, you guessed right – it is not a pro-Conservative or pro-Trump agenda. The report that exposed the truth is available for all to see. It is terrifying to think about what has been taking place on the internet.

The question is, what will Google do now? How will they respond? Will real changes come about, or will they continue to step on democracy?

Senator Ted Cruz Grills Google Exec

Senator Ted Cruz ripped this Google executive to pieces. She could not even properly respond to his questions. It is frightening that political censorship is happening in the United States. It is frightening that Google is trying to override democracy. And it is frightening to think that people trusted Google. What a world we live in!

The internet could be dangerous, and we must pay attention to ensure that we do not get swayed by the political bias of Google or other companies. Social media should be an unbiased platform. But it seems that Google missed that.

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