Palestinian Arabs protest Bahrain Workshop – do they want peace?

by Leah Rosenberg

Can there be a future with peace? Many Palestinian Arabs might want peace, but the ones making noise are the ones who protested the Bahrain Workshop.

Bahrain Workshop

Many hope that the Bahrain Workshop will be the beginning of a peace process. But when you see so many Palestinian Arabs protesting so violently, it makes you wonder. What do they want? If they wanted peace, then they would want to move toward that goal. But burning effigies, pictures, and flags is definitely not a step in the right direction. Why are they protesting peace? Clearly because they don’t want it…

The Leadership Doesn’t Want Peace

A lot of the Palestinian Arab people don’t want peace probably because their leadership has brainwashed them that way. Listen to Mahmoud Abbas speak. He threatened those businessmen who wanted to go to the peace conference. That is not the type of leader who is promoting peace and a better future for his people.

We are all hoping for a more peaceful future. But that requires new leadership. It requires a leader who does not encourage protesting peace, murdering Jews, and destroying Israel. Is there a leader amongst the Palestinian Arabs who can make a real change for a better future?

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