The UN’s “human rights” policies on immigration are absurd, and this is why

by Phil Schneider

Immigration is one of the most controversial issues of today’s day and age. It should be. It is in the middle of changing Europe – and soon the rest of the world. There are very few decisions that affect a country more than a decision to leave borders open for an extended amount of time. It can spell disaster for some countries in a matter of a few decades. On the other hand, a positive wave of immigration can bring enormous blessing to a country if handled properly. Let’s take a look.

Mass Immigration to the USA and Israel

The two best examples of mass immigration to a country that brought enormous blessing to their countries are the USA and Israel. The United States was the dream of millions of people all over Europe and Russia in the latter part of the 19th century. This carried over into the early part of the 20th century. The USA did place limits on the number of immigrants it took in. But, all in all, the population growth of the United States helped fuel much of the economic growth that brought the United States to the forefront of being a world economic power.

The State of Israel had a more radical mass immigration of people into it’s midst. One of the most basic elements of the existence of the State of Israel is the Law of Return which enables every Jew in the world the right to return to their eternal homeland – the State of Israel. Between 1948 and 1952, Israel more than tripled it’s population due to this law. Any demographer or sociologist will tell you that this is an earthquake for a country to accomplish such a feat. But Israel did it – somehow. It was not simple. There was even an entire Ministry that was solely devoted to austerity – and making sure that nobody used up too much of the scarce resources that were needed to feed the 1.5 million new immigrants.

But, it was worth it. First off, the new immigrants, mainly Jews from Arab Lands, were in a dire security situation in their host countries. Secondly, Israel desperately needed the soldiers to build up their army and the country in general. The following two decades were difficult, and much negative accompanied the mass immigration. However, the net result was seen only decades later when Israel had evolved into a small yet powerful Army. And a mere few decades later, Israel became a major economic superpower that is now recognized as the Start-Up Nation that tens of countries want to do business with.

Mass immigration can be a tremendous blessing. But what is going on now is more of a mass invasion. The new immigrants have very little interest in assimilating and helping build the societies that they are joining. They seem to be more interested in destroying than joining. If this trend continues, then it would be preferable to clamp down and hold on to the status quo than to take a chance on the future.

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