Iran’s threatening Europe – but will Europe give in?

by Phil Schneider

What is Iran trying to do with their threats? Do they actually want to provoke Europe into attacking them? Ryan Mauro explains that what is actually happening is that this is the way that the Iranians are trying to renegotiate the sanctions on their economy. They are clearly violating the accords that will probably drive the sanctions against them to be even tighter. Of course, this is a majorly aggressive form of negotiation. But, it will probably backfire – as the Iranians are now becoming dangerously close to having enriched uranium that is usable against a multitude of countries – in the Middle East and Europe.

The American Response

The United States does not seem overly eager to jump into battle in the Middle East. It seems clear that the goal of the Trump administration is to apply maximum economic pressure in order to avoid a military conflict. And then, if all else doesn’t succeed, then give the green light and military backing to Israel to carry out a surgical strike that would take out the reactor or at least move back the Iranian drive towards the bomb by at least a decade or two.

It is clear the the leader of the battle against a nuclear Iran is Benjamin Netanyahu. President Trump may be the leader of the free world now. But the front-lines of the battle is the Middle East, and the commander of the front is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. We are blessed to have a leader who has not taken his eye off the ball on this issue for the last few decades. He is right. There is no greater threat to Israel and the free world than a nuclear Iran.

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