Iran almost got this child bride killed

by Phil Schneider

Sharia Law is indeed a scary thing. In the United States, we take freedom of religion as such a sacred value. It indeed is. However, even sacred values must have limitations – especially if they come in direct conflict with other more sacred values – like the value to preserve our nation.

Sharia Law indeed threatens major countries in Europe – not today – but in a decade or two. It is inevitable that the invasion of Europe by Sharia Law supporting men and women will vote themselves into power in some European countries. If freedom of religion goes unchecked in the United States, we will watch the United States get democratically elected out of freedom of religion.

All Values Must Have Limits

Nearly every lofty value can be taken to an extreme. Then, the value goes from being lofty to being dangerous. For example, the value of unity. It is very important that people feel unified and not feel that their lives are filled with class warfare. However, that does not therefore justify absolute equality – such as is personified by communism. Similarly, freedom of religion is – of course – a wonderful value that the Western world has embraced. This is largely a response to the great number of wars that were fought in previous centuries due to religious passions. The founders of the Constitution of the United States of America realized that the passions of religion were best harnessed via freedom of religion. But, more than 200 years later, a problem came up with one of the religions. That religion specifically believes that freedom of religion is completely against their religion, and therefore, they must defeat that religion.

So, how does a country maintain freedom of religion, yet harness a problematic religion with megalomaniac tendencies. The answer is that freedom of religion must also have it’s limitations. Everything done in the private sphere that does not impede on the public sphere should be fair game. Let people pray in their own homes for the destruction of the world. No harm will come from that. But, once they go out and preach the destruction of the world, they should be hauled into a police station and explained that they are violating the law. The Supreme Court must stand up to the tendency to be politically correct on this issue. It must mandate when a religion begins to endanger other non-adherents of the religion. That is when a red line is being crossed. This issue is not one for the future. It must be dealt with in the here and now.

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