Hitler failed, and this proved it

by Chaya Cikk

Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party in Germany failed. He wanted to wipe out the Jewish People and he did not succeed. The Jewish People are now stronger than ever before and this proves it.

Hitler Failed

Hitler became the leader of Germany in 1933, he was head of the Nazi Party. Even before he became the leader, he blamed the Jews for Germany’s problems, such as Germany losing World War One. Actually, he blamed the Jewish people for all of the world’s ills.

Furthermore, he believed the Jews, as well as other nations, were causing the problems in Germany. In 1939, Hitler invaded Poland and placed millions of Jews into ghettos. Eventually, they were sent to workers camp, which later became the death camps. When Hitler realized the War would soon be over and Germany was losing he relentlessly tried to kill as many Jews as possible.

Finally, after the war ended the Jews miraculously came back to life and became stronger. Those who survived had children and grandchildren. They proved that Hitler did not succeed at his mission even though he killed six million Jews. Even more so, only three years after World War Two ended, the Jewish People stood up and declared the State of Israel as their homeland. From the ashes of the Holocaust, the Jewish People rose, as a phoenix does.

The Jewish People

The Jewish People have had many enemies, the Greeks, the Romans, the Babylonians, and the Nazis. However, it is the Jews that have survived. Where are all these nations now?

With the help of God, the Jewish People have survived. Now living in the State of Israel, a land that we call home. Israel is doing amazing things in the world, in so many different fields. For example, science, agriculture, medicine, defense and much more.

We pray and thank God daily, considering all that the Jewish People have been through and they are still here. God is on the side of the Jewish People, they are not people to be messed with.


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