Professor compares American flag to Swastika and burning crosses

by Phil Schneider

Why do flags evoke so much emotion among so many people? Are people still nationalistic today like they once were? There is no doubt less nationalism today than there was back in the middle of the 19th century. However, the basic emotion of being part of a greater whole is something that is rather universal. It has existed for as long as nations have existed.

The question is what does the American flag signify today and what does the Swastika stand for today?

The American Flag vs. the Swastika

Today as in the past, the American flag symbolizes freedom. It stands for freedom from oppression, freedom of religion and freedom of speech. There is probably no flag that symbolizes the opposite of this more than the swastika. The swastika symbolizes the attempt of the German Nation via the Nazi party to dominate the world. It symbolizes the idea that a small group of Aryans – who believe in white supremacy – see themselves as a master race. The Nazi party could not be any more against all forms of religion, and certainly against freedom of religion. There has never been a flag that symbolizes oppression more than the swastika.

How anyone could ever compare an American flag to the swastika is beyond all levels of logic. But that is what today’s universities often are filled with – anti-logical statements that are so anti-American, so as to confuse any logical mind. Criticism of the leadership of the United States is legitimate. Criticism of the values of the United States is even legitimate. But distortion of facts in order to promote one’s value system is a totally illegitimate method of argument.


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