Ilhan Omar is attacking THIS minority community in America

by Phil Schneider

Ilhan Omar has built her career on Jew-attacking. She has made it perfectly clear that she supports the Hamas and that the Jewish people in America have a problem of dual loyalty. Of course, she hides behind the classic line that she is not anti-Jewish, just anti-Israel. It needs to be said clearly, as Brooke Goldstein puts it – Omar is a bigot. She just happens to be an Islamic Somali immigrant. So, when she supports the commercial discrimination of the Jewish people in Israel, Omar is truly supporting overt anti-semitism.

Omar – A New Anti-Semite in Congress

Anti-Semitism is not new. It precedes the modern State of Israel by a few thousand years. There is nothing new about any of the arguments of the modern-day haters. But, Ilhan Omar is new in that she brings anti-semitism to the Democratic party as a fresh new face of progressivism that opposes all things that are Israel. She has moved the bar of the democratic party way off the previous status quo vis-a-vis Israel. It used to be that members of the Democratic party used to express general support of the State of Israel, but sometimes expressed criticism of specific policies of the State. However, the idea of being an overt opponent of the State of Israel was very rare within the walls of Congress. That is no longer the case. Omar, along with her cohorts, Cortez and Tlaib indeed are the faces of the new young and emerging leadership within the Democratic party. They all are overt anti-Israel congresswomen who view with anathema the entire existence of the State of Israel. There is nothing politically incorrect with this.

The new young leadership within the Democratic party are a scary bunch. The hope is that there will be a similarly young and energetic leadership that will emerge within the Democratic party that serves as a counter to the new trio. It is doubtful that this will happen due to the norms of political correctness within the Democratic party. But, if some young leaders are smart, they will realize that populist messages that are non-politically correct can take root within the Democratic Party too. It’s a longshot. But, if it doesn’t happen, then the Democratic Party will become an irrelevant fringe party that screams from the opposition.

Arab Incitement
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