Tommy Robinson on trial shows the death of free speech in the UK

by Phil Schneider

Tommy Robinson is one controversial person. He has been labeled all kinds of horrible things by so many news outlets. However, he is actually not as radical as most of his detractors think. Yes, it is true that he speaks about things that are completely politically incorrect. But, is it true that he poses a danger in society? I don’t think so. He is no more dangerous than an activist in the United States who speaks loudly about the dangers of illegal immigration. It is totally reasonable to disagree with his opinions, and even more, with his manner of speaking. However, he should not be shut up. His opinions should be argued against, and let the masses decide. He does not call for violence against proponents of the Islamic faith. He does not pose a danger to the world. But, the people who he warns against pose the main danger to our way of life.

Does the Muslim minority threaten Great Britain?

The answer is a resounding yes. Any group that creates a form of “safe space” poses a major threat to the country they are in. There are neighborhoods in London that one should be scared of walking around in. Shariah Law is not the official law of the area, but it is the unofficial norm. This is a red flag that cannot be allowed to continue. How should one who sees a major threat to their country act? Should they not speak out proudly about the rights and freedoms that are under attack? Of course it is good that people should be able to speak up about it. Free speech must be protected for situations just like this. And it is just as important for his opposition to be able to speak up against his opinions.

The goal should not be to silence anyone, but to expose those with dangerous views. Let the debates begin. We have so much more to fear from the suppression of opinions than from exposure to dangerous opinions. Tommy Robinson may or may not have dangerous opinions. Therefore, he should be exposed in daylight – not put behind bars.

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