Twelve years ago it was a parody, today it’s the news

by Leah Rosenberg

This might be a funny parody, but sadly, this is how the media often reports the news. They sound like this. The media refuses to name the enemy.

A Parody?

This might have been intended to be a parody, but listen to most of the mainstream media today, and this is how they speak. They ignore the real and present threat that is facing the Western World: Radical Islamic terror. Turn on the news. Listen to the newscasters. They literally say things similar to “What do these men have in common?” The media does not acknowledge the fact that terrorism is carried out mostly by Muslims. They act as if they have no idea what the link is between all the terrorism in the world.

We Must Name the Enemy

If we do not name the enemy, how can we fight it? How can we win? How will we protect our values if we are afraid to call out those who try to destroy those values? Enough with the political correctness. This is life and death we are dealing with – literally. The world cannot make such a serious situation into something that is just about “offending” people or not. Ignoring the truth will not make it disappear. In fact, it will only make things worse. Does the media really want to put the world in danger in such a serious way?

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