Jeremy Corbyn will never be able to defend himself against THIS

by Leah Rosenberg

Jeremy Corbyn and antisemitism really go hand in hand. You cannot separate the two because, well, Corbyn doesn’t. He loudly and proudly displays it.

Corbyn and Antisemitism

The Labour Party leader has shown an unprecedented amount of antisemitism in his party. It has come to the point that even the prime minister has called him out for it! He has sympathized with terrorists, called Hamas – a labeled terrorist organization – his friends, compared Israel to the Nazis, and more. Jeremy Corbyn and his antisemitism even went as far as to dishonor the memory of Anne Frank. He has done everything to show that he does not accept the Jewish people or the Jewish state.

May Calls on Corbyn to Apologize

Theresa May called on Corbyn to apologize for failing to deal with racism in Labour. But he won’t apologize. And if he does, it would be completely meaningless. Corbyn has shown his true colors time and time again. British Jews have promised to leave if he ever becomes prime minister. Yes, it is that bad.

What can the Labour Party leader even respond to Theresa May? He cannot deny the truth. There are videos to prove what he has said and done. And his actions speak loud enough. Even his own party members have had enough of him. Labour members have left. Former Labour leaders have criticized what he has turned the party into. But that has not stopped Jeremy Corbyn from being the horrific antisemite that he is. Nothing has.

Arab Incitement
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