Dennis Prager just gave the most important testimony before the US Senate

by Phil Schneider

Dennis Prager eloquently explained that the reason why his ten commandments video was censored by Google is because it included the word “murder.” The fact that the context, of course, is the explicit prohibition of committing murder was not deemed relevant enough to justify the inclusion of the video. Thus, the call for Dennis Prager to testify on the threat to free speech in today’s day and age. Dennis argues that there has never been as great an attack on free speech as their is today. Moreover, he argues that this poses a greater threat to the United States from within than any other threat from without. That is quite a bold statement. Is that an exaggeration?

Prager University is at the forefront of the battle for free speech. Prager U creates excellent short videos. Dennis, interestingly explains that the source of the attitude that has led to censorship is one of contempt for the very essence of the United States of America. He is spot-on. This is exactly at the core of the problem that has led to this mass censorship on the many social media channels. There are masses of young people today who simply do not appreciate how amazing the United States of America has been for them and for the entire world.

The reason why so many people feel so free to express their views in the United States of America is due to the wonderful concepts of freedom of speech that the founders of the Constitution built in to the fabric of the country. This is what is being attacked now. The new culture of political correctness has created an environment where shutting of mouths of anyone who expresses non-politically correct ideas is the #1 threat to the ideals of the United States. Freedom does not mean the ability to do whatever one wants to do to anybody else. But, it most certainly does mean the freedom to express one’s views as long as they do not specifically cause physical harm to another person or group of people. In the word of political correctness, even harming another person’s feelings is considered reason enough to shut somebody up. That is the core of the problem. It is completely absurd to shut up any form of speech that MAY harm another person’s feelings.

It’s time the United States grows up, and makes sure that the social media companies that have so much power over the discourse in the world do not have the power to shut down discourse that harm the feelings of one group or another. Our freedom of speech is too important.


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