Muslim medic speaks at wedding of Jewish bride – you’ll cry when you find out why

by Chaya Cikk

This Muslim medic speaks at the wedding of a bride he saved. He gives the most moving speech that left all the guests in tears. Listen to the story and you’ll be reaching for the tissues too.

Muslim Medic

A medic is someone who saves lives. This beautiful bride was in an accident a few years before. This medic saved her life. However, according to the protocol, this bride was not meant to be walking down the aisle. But something in this medic knew that he should save her. In fact, he did it! after 40 minutes of CPR she had a heartbeat. Considering that generally it is advised not to do CPR for this long it is amazing!

Furthermore, it is incredible that this Muslimmedic knew that he had to save this young Jewish girl. Jews and Muslims do not see eye to eye on most matters. But he put all his differences aside and saved this young woman’s life.

Jewish Wedding

A wedding is an emotional time, a day most young brides dream about from a young age. It’s the happiest day of one’s life. There is a custom for the bride and groom not to see each other the week leading up to the wedding. This builds up the excitement for when the bride and groom see each other.

The wedding ceremony takes place under the Chuppah, the Canopy. There are seven blessings that are recited, the Ketuba, a prenuptial agreement is read and there is the breaking of the glass. The breaking of the glass symbolizes that we still yearn to be in Jerusalem with the Temple, which has not yet been rebuilt.

Finally, the bride’s family has him to thank for saving their daughters life, including her parents, husband and future children she might have. Additionally, if it wasn’t for this medic none of these events would have taken place.

Arab Incitement
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