Ilhan Omar won’t tell you what the Palestinian Arab leaders REALLY say to their people

by Avi Abelow

The Palestinian Arab leaders are most definitely not leading their people toward a peaceful future. Quite the opposite, actually. And this video proves it.

The Palestinian Arab Leaders

The world loves to focus on and criticize the Jewish leaders of the Jewish state. But did they ever stop to criticize the Palestinian Arab leaders? Did they ever take a look at the Palestinian Authority and Hamas? Those leaders preach murder and death. They teach their children to stab innocent Jewish men, women, and children. They teach to spill as much blood as possible. It is nothing new. You would think that the world would know this by now.
But THIS is precisely what the world ignores about the Middle East conflict. This is exactly what they turn a blind eye to.

And Some Congresswomen Agree 

In the American Congress, there are sadly several congresswomen who agree with Hamas. They want to destroy the Jewish state as well. They are antisemitic. And they refuse to condemn terrorism. As Hamas calls for murdering Jews by stabbing them and through suicide bombings, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stay silent. The three of them say nothing. They do not condemn the terrorism. In fact, they condemn and criticize Israel for nothing instead.

Here is what they should know, though: Israel will continue to protect its citizens from terrorist attacks. Israel will continue to stand up in the face of terrorism even when so many others will not. The Palestinian Arab leaders are telling their people to kill, murder, and destroy. They tell their people to eradicate the Jewish nation and state from the face of the map. But Israel will not let that happen.

Full video below:

New Israeli Prime Minister
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