Will British Jews leave the UK if Corbyn becomes PM?

by Leah Rosenberg

British Jews have had enough of Jeremy Corbyn’s antisemitism. They refuse to be part of a society that has Corbyn as its leader.

Will British Jews Leave the UK?

This video may be from July 2018, but sadly, one year later in July 2019, the same thing holds true. British Jews are done with Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party’s antisemitism. It is just appalling. And it has only grown in the past year. Corbyn should be ashamed of what he has turned the party into. His own party members have even left! But being labeled an antisemite has not stopped the Labour leader from supporting Hamas. It has not stopped him from falsely criticizing the Jewish state.

Many British Jews have promised to leave the UK if Corbyn actually becomes prime minister. And rightly so! Why would they want a leader like him?

Antisemitism Worldwide

Unfortunately, the type of antisemitism that Jeremy Corbyn displays is not just seen in the UK. It is seen all over the world. World leaders are antisemitic, college students on many college campuses are antisemitic, and even America’s own Congress is housing many antisemites! And the United Nations is definitely not a stranger to antisemitism. They put it on stage for the whole world to see.

Just because antisemitism is so rampant does not mean we should get discouraged from stopping it. It would just be nice if more world leaders had enough courage to stand up and stop the hate. Maybe one day soon, they will.

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