Labour members resign from party over “institutional antisemitism”

by Phil Schneider

The Labour party in England is at one of those moments in history where the true colors of many of it’s politicians will come out. When their elecetd leader is a clear politician who has very problematic opinions on issues such as Israel and the Jewish people, it will clearly make some of it’s members uncomfortable. Now, the question is, “Is this a red line that is so serious that some will walk away from the party over?”

Politicians with Integrity

It almost seems comical to speak about politicians and integrity in the same sentence. However, it seems to me that this is partially due to the polarized atmosphere of the political stage. There are actually many politicians who’s records display a high level of integrity. They are usually the politicians who have had clear red lines and stuck to them, even when it meant that they then had to pay a steep political price for it.

One example of this was Winston Churchill. He was willing to endure years of labeling as a warmonger and other pejoratives. In the end, he was treated as the prophet who may have led England to victory along with the Allies in World War II.

Menachem Begin is another excellent example of a person who stuck to his guns. He spend decades in the opposition of Israeli politics. but, his integrity was never questioned. Even his staunch political opponents had to admit that he stuck to his ideals through thick and thin.

It is now time for some leaders in England to stand up and say that, “enough is enough.” We will not be part of a party that is led by an anti-semite.

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