A new voice for the “Palestinian” Arabs is finally taking a stand

by Phil Schneider

The Arabs who live in Israel and support the State of Israel are a minority. They do not represent the majority who clearly would like to see the State of Israel destroyed.

However, this minority exists and they are not unimportant. Many of these Arabs serve in senior positions in the State of Israel. Some are in the police, and some are even in the Army. But most keep their mouths shut for fear of losing their lives. It is a fascinating phenomenon that many of these Arabs are now gaining the strength to speak out in public. They are truly brave souls.

What Has Changed

Social Media and the internet are sociological game-changers. Until a few years ago, there was no way for a young Arab child to have any exposure to the outside world. He could not hear any opinions from “outsiders.” He was literally surrounded on all sides by ideologies that had nothing positive to say about the State of Israel.

Today, due to social media, the exposure begins at a young age. He sees the way that an Arab soccer star is treated among the rest of the State of Israel. He sees that his family is well treated in Israeli hospitals when his siblings are born. And if he is even the slightest bit intelligent, he sees that the Israeli population is willing to exchange 1,000 Arab terrorists in order to retrieve on of their own. This makes an impact on anyone who has at least half of a brain.

In addition, not everyone is comfortable with violence. The teenagers know that their leaders are corrupt, as they see the opulence with which they live their lifestyles, and they know the squalor that all of their peers live in. So, when they sit down and think for just a bit, they reach the reasonable conclusion that life is good in Israel.

Arab Incitement
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