“Palestinian” Arabs open up about crossing Israeli checkpoints

by Leah Rosenberg

How do “Palestinian” Arabs actually feel about passing through checkpoints in Judea and Samaria? Do Israeli soldiers treat them with respect? Find out here.

Working “Palestinian” Arabs

There are many “Palestinian” Arabs who need to cross through checkpoints to get to where they work in Israel. This video shows how the Hashmonaim terminal is improving the process for them. The world might think that Israel does not treat them well. They paint this false image that it is traumatizing and dehumanizing. But after watching this video, you can see that everything is done with respect. They can pray wherever they want. Israeli soldiers treat them with dignity.

The world needs to start showing the truth about Israel. Because this is it. The checkpoints are not what the anti-Israel media says they are!

Israelis Don’t Want Checkpoints

Israelis do not want to have checkpoints. But because of the current situation, they have no choice. Israel cannot put its own civilians at risk. And yes, there are some “Palestinian” Arabs who are terrorists and would like to pass through to harm Israelis. So Israeli soldiers and security must do proper checks before letting anyone in. And because of these checkpoints, the terrorists are stopped. But these “Palestinian” Arabs who are going to work have to understand that. They know the process. It is a sad but necessary reality.

Israel does its best to protect its people while being aware enough not to humiliate the “Palestinian” Arabs. And Israel deserves a lot of praise for that!

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