Big Tech calls Ben Shapiro a Nazi – THIS is his response

by Leah Rosenberg

Big Tech has made a big mistake. Google called Ben Shapiro (amongst others) a Nazi. Not only is that a horrible and offensive comment, but it is foolish.

Big Tech and Their Big Mistake

When Big Tech calls someone like Ben Shapiro a Nazi, there should be complete outrage from both sides of the political spectrum. Firstly, Ben Shapiro is a Jew – an observant Jew, if that makes any difference. Secondly, he had family killed in the Holocaust. Thirdly, he is hated by the far right – by the Neo-Nazis.

What was Google thinking during this email exchange calling Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and Dennis Prager Nazis? How can they actually do such a thing? They should feel ashamed and guilty. The employees who did it should be fired.

Steering People Away From Truth

Aside from the horrendous email referring to regular, good people as Nazis, Google has been exposed for trying to push their own political agenda. They try to steer people away from the truth if the truth is coming from Conservatives. Every American should be appalled by this. Google has gone against the democratic values of America. And if this was a Conservative who tried to use a social media platform to wrongly sway the public, or if it was a Conservative who called a Liberal a Nazi, the entire world would protest. It would be all over the media. That is just the sad truth.

Did Big Tech think they would not get caught for such shameful behavior?

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