Brigitte Gabriel gives honest recap of Islamic history in 5 minutes

by Phil Schneider

Nobody can explain the most important aspects of Islamic history better than Brigitte Gabriel. She is unique in so many ways. It is not just because she knows her stuff. She was born in Lebanon, and experienced the essential aspects of radical Islam in her own life before immigrating to the West.

Quiet Middle Eastern Country

Lebanon was once a rather placid little country on the Mediterranean. It was not considered an arch rival of the State of Israel. Egypt and Syria were always the two main threats. But, then when more and more radical elements entered the country, a civil war ensued between rival Muslims. That is when everything went downhill in Lebanon. Israel worked hard to clean out the terror cells in Lebanon in the 1982 Peace for Galilee War. But they learned what the United States would learn in the War of Iraq – nation-building in the Middle East is much more complex than it seems.

Whenever Israel propped up a moderate element into a leadership position, he was assassinated. Bashir Gemayel was one example. But the radicals assassinated him.

Today, Israel has one of it’s largest foes on the Northern border. The Hizbullah threatens Israel on a constant level. It poses itself as a constant powder keg on Israel’s border. But in order to truly understand the nature of the threat, one needs to understand the ideological underpinnings. Brigitte is the best at this.

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