IDF Attacks Gaza After IDF Soldier Injured by Hamas Bomb

by Avi Abelow

The IDF fired two tank rounds on Hamas observation posts in the Gaza strip this evening following a Hamas bomb injured an IDF soldier. Reports of multiple Hamas members dead and injured after the IDF artillery/tank fire.

Hundreds of Arab rioters hurled rocks and explosive devices at IDF soldiers along the border separating Israel and the northern Gaza Strip Sunday evening, following a weekend of violence as well.

“Over the last hour, a violent riot was instigated in the northern Gaza Strip, during which dozens of rioters hurled explosive devices and rolled burning tires at IDF soldiers and the security fence,” an IDF spokesperson said.

“During the riot, an IDF soldier was injured after what appears to have been an explosive device that was hurled at him exploded,” the IDF spokesperson added. “The soldier was evacuated to the hospital for medical treatment.”

The Palestinian Authority’s WAFA media outlet reported that nine Gazans were wounded by IDF fire following the bomb attack.

The IDF later reported that Israeli tanks had opened fire on Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip in retaliation for the bomb attack.

“Earlier this evening, an IDF soldier was injured after what appears to have been an explosive device that was hurled at him exploded. In response, IDF tanks targeted two Hamas military posts in the northern Gaza Strip,” an army spokesperson said.

Women as Human Shields

This weekend, 11,000 Gazans rioted on the Israel-Gaza border fence, throwing explosives & grenades. IDF soldiers were there to protect Israeli families.

As seen in the following video from this weekend, Hamas continues to proudly use their women and children as human shields, sending them in front of their terrorists in order to cut through the Gaza border fence and challenge the IDF soldiers to take action.

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