Does Jerusalem really belong to Israel?

by Phil Schneider

This video is not just about defense – it is also about offense. It is a direct contradiction of the Arab claim. The Arabs have never treated Jerusalem as a capital of any kingdom over the generations. On the contrary, the centrality of Jerusalem to the Jewish people goes back literally for thousands of years. Not that a few thousand years it was important, and then it became irrelevant until now. It has always been the core and the center of the Jewish people – literally as long as the Jewish people have existed since Biblical times.

The Embassy

A common misconception is that the idea of moving the United States embassy to Jerusalem is a controversial issue that separates many Congressman and Senators. However, there has not been a President, or nearly any Presidential candidate who has not promised to move the United Embassy to Jerusalem. So why did it not happen? Because it was convenient to hold the card as something to use as part of a future peace process.

Well, the fact that President Trump made the move – without any games was very impressive. He actually surprised nearly all of the State of Israel with the bold move. Louder with Crowder hits it on the nose. You may not be afan of President Trump – but this move took guts. From Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, there were just promises. This President is a doer – and on this matter – he made the move.

History will record this as one of the most significant symbolic and practical steps between the United States and the State of Israel.

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