Fatah official lies to the world about “an Israeli Auschwitz to massacre Palestinians”

by Leah Rosenberg

The Palestinian Arab leadership accuses Israel of things like massacring Palestinian Arabs and mentions Auschwitz out of context. This is a horrifying lie!


People know what Auschwitz was. It was a death camp where the Nazis murdered Jewish people in mass numbers. The proof still remains. The Holocaust was a tragic time in Jewish history as well as world history. And to make jokes about it or false claims about an “Israeli Auschwitz” when it comes to the Palestinian Arabs is just sick. It takes away the dignity of the 6 million Jews who were murdered.

But that is exactly what the Palestinian Arab leadership did. And their lies must be condemned! What kind of “peace partner” makes such horrifying claims against the Jewish state?

Comparing Israel to Auschwitz

It is just ironic, for lack of a better word, to compare the Jewish state to Auschwitz. The death camp was a place of murder, destruction, and discrimination. There was an absence of freedom, humanity, and dignity. Israel, on the other hand, is a place of life, building, and democracy. It is a state where people of all walks of life can be free and where their rights are protected. But a Fatah official, a man who is part of the Palestinian Arab leadership, spread complete lies about Israel and said that they “massacre ‘Palestinians.'” That is the farthest thing from the truth! Despite so many Palestinian Arabs trying to destroy the state, Israel still tries to give them as much freedom as possible without compromising on their own security.

But these lies are what some believe. It seems absurd that people would believe or spread such claims, but they do. And we must counter their lies with the truth. Because if we do not stand up for Israel, who will?

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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