Israel’s cyber security is leading the world

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel is doing a lot of good things for the world. And Israel’s cyber security is also helping the world! Find out how here.

Israel’s Cyber Security

Israel seems to lead the world in many areas. And they are definitely not lacking in the cyber security realm! Erel Margalit, founder of JVP Media Quarter explains how Israel is making a difference. When asked how good Israel’s cyber security really is, Margalit slightly avoids the question. They are better than you can imagine. And it is obvious. In today’s world, cyber security is especially important. People do not realize that, for example, Iran’s companies that attack the US can affect flights, healthcare, and more. It is a serious thing!

And JVP Media Quarter is helping protect companies. People can try to boycott Israel if they want to, but they will be missing out on all that Israel gives to the world. They will not be able to benefit from all the good.

Thank you, Israel!

In Judaism, there is a concept called “Hakarat Hatov,” which literally means recognizing the good – that God has provided, that others have provided for us, and so on. The world should really take a moment (or more) to have Hakarat Hatov to Israel and just say “thank you.” Israel has done more for the world than most other countries. And instead of the world thanking them, the world accuses them of anything they can, discriminates against them, and wants to destroy the Jewish state. Without the Jewish state, the world would be completely different.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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