Yellow Vest Protesters attack French Jewish Philosopher in Paris

by Leah Rosenberg

Although the Yellow Vest Protestors was not initially an antisemitic movement, things have sadly taken a turn. There have been too many anti-Jewish attacks.

Yellow Vest Protesters

The Yellow Vest Protesters are those people of the Yellow Vests Movement. It was supposed to be a movement to protest economic policies in France. But over the months, they have veered from that goal. As seen in this video, they are attacking a French Jewish philosopher, Alain Finkielkraut. He is a well-respected man. But that did not stop these protesters. And it is extremely sad that this is what their protesting has led them to do. The police actually did intervene to protect him, but not before the protesters shouted racial slurs and cornered Finkielkraut. French President Emmanuel Macron condemned the abuse.

Here is more information about the Yellow Vest Protesters and their Jew-hatred.

Jew-hatred from the Left to Right

Antisemitism is clearly seen throughout the political spectrum. Yellow Vest Protestors do not come from only the Right or only the Left. Yet, there is still Jew-hatred seen. Although they are not all antisemitic, the antisemitism in their movement is becoming louder. And we must quiet them down.

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