Muslims Riot on Temple Mount

by Avi Abelow

The Temple Mount is the holiest site to the Jewish people predating the invention of Islam to the world by 3000 years. Yet somehow the Muslims continuously desecrate this place, this time with more riots, that they claim is holy to them and them alone.

Riots on the Temple Mount

Today the Muslims clashed with the Israeli police on the Temple Mount after the police prevented them from entering the Sha’ar HaRachamim (Gates of Mercy) area that has been closed to all by a court order since 2003.

The police arrested five Muslims after they tried to forcibly enter the closed Gate of Mercy compound.

“A short while ago on the Temple Mount, a number of worshipers tried to forcibly enter the entrance of the Gate of Mercy compound, closed according to a court order,” the police said.”

Thankfully, the police allowed the Jewish visitors to continue with their visits on the Temple Mount as usual.

Power Struggle

Supposedly, today’s clashes come as a result of Jordan expanding the ranks of the Islamic body, the WAQF, that manages the Temple Mount for the Muslims. Jordan claims to be doing this as a way to thwart Israeli efforts to change the status quo on the site.

We don’t know what Jordan thinks Israel plans to do, but at the moment when there is no freedom of worship for all except Muslims, we do hope that one day this injustice is put to an end. The Muslim intolerance of other religions must end, especially on holy sites that belong to the other religions.

Muslim Tyranny Must End and it Begins with a Change on the Temple Mount

True peace from Islamic terror will only come when the freedom-loving world stops appeasing the intolerance and terror of the Muslim world. And that should begin with Israel removing the Muslim WAQF from the Temple Mount. Israel should act as full sovereign on the Mount allowing freedom of access and freedom of worship for all, Jews, Christians and Muslims. The Muslim control, limiting access to non-Muslims, and forbidding prayer to all but Muslims must end as soon as possible.

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