Israel-hating congresswoman caught using Israeli technology

by Phil Schneider

Rashida may oppose Israel. She may support BDS and supports a general boycott of Israel. However, she uses Israeli technology to advance her career. Her website is a wix website. Wix is one of the largest Israel-based website that powers an enormous amount of websites worldwide.

BDS Supporters – Proudly Designed by Wix

One can claim that they want to boycott Israel. But, if they use a computer, odds are around 99% that they are working with Intel technology. That was almost definitely developed in Israel. If they use Waze to get around, that was also based in Israel.

This gem of a find from the Israel Advocacy Movement hit it on the nose. BDS supporters are so ignorant of how much the Start-Up Nation has contributed to the world that they don’t even realize that what allows them to function effectively every day is completely based on Israeli techonology.

In truth, the entire world is built to a large part on a tremendous amount of Israeli technology. Israel developed it’s unbelievable ability to innovate as a result of enormous need to survive. But it ended up becoming a world power that brings blessing to the entire world – even to it’s sworn enemies.

Col. Kemp

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