Watch Trump Rip Trudeau to Pieces for his Tyranny in Canada

by Leah Rosenberg

Canada has been headline news because of the Freedom Convoy Protests. And because of Trudeau’s tyrannical response.

Trump Shares the Truth about Canada

Former president Donald Trump laid it all out there at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference). What’s happening in Canada is outrageous! Prime Minister Trudeau is acting like a tyrant. And then he calls all those who stand up for freedom Nazis? It is absolutely insane. Terrifying. Alarming. The way he is freezing bank accounts. His government is arresting people for doing absolutely nothing wrong! Justin Trudeau has completely lost it, and all those with some sanity know it. They know he is completely out of control.

You can say what you want about Trump, but he knows that freedom is freedom; that people are allowed to protest for their rights and liberties. He would never freeze someone’s life savings the way Trudeau has been doing. Trudeau is treating his own people like criminals when in fact, these Canadians love Canada!

The prime minister of Canada needs to be stopped. His madness needs to be shut down – and it needs to be fast. How much longer can Canada survive for as a country with a dictator as the leader?

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