DEEP STATE WAR: Welcome To The Pandemic Coup

by David Mark

From attacks on Trump’s promotion of Hydroxychloroquine, to his early assertion that the coronavirus came from the Wuhan virology, the MSM has become a full time mouthpiece for the Deep State war against President Trump.

Watch Well Respected Journalist Lara Logan from CBS, 60 Minutes, etc. Uncover Planned Attack on Trump Administration

This article is not about pushing a pro-Trump agenda at all costs. There are many things that one can disagree with the President about. I know there are many times his delivery and choice of words just rub me the wrong way, but that’s not something that should prevent us from necessarily separating truth from falsehood.

Three groups see President Trump as a danger to their embedded ongoing subversive power within the national and larger global superstructure. The Wall Street corporate heads, the Military Industrial Complex, and the Mainstream Media all make up a large part of the Deep State, which has their agents or public servants found throughout the bureaucratic regime.

President Trump has done a great job helping to pivot the military away from their chosen enemy labeled Russia towards the real enemy which is Communist controlled China.

The CCP has long been in cahoots with America’s Deep State. After all, slave labor has given the corporations the margins that are necessary to boost their stocks.

Given President Trump’s propensity to blast a hole through the Deep State’s ongoing control of the US, his continuing take down of the corporate controlled medical solutions for COVID-19, has been a sore point in his coronavirus response.

President Trump has been a backer of Hydroxychloroquine for some time. From India to many independent doctors throughout the world, there have been many indications that Hydroxychloroquine is effective when taken early on.

So what’s the problem?

The Deep State run big-pharma industry wanted to make billions off either vaccines or a new less effective and more expensive drug. Let’s face it, if coronavirus can be treated early on by a drug that is cheap and has been around for 75 years, then there is no money to be made.

In fact according to Barrons, Ami Fadia a SVB Leerink analyst said “Hydroxychloroquine [is] unlikely to be a financial driver.” This is due to its cheap production as it is now produced by a variety of generic drug companies.

Listen to The Sharyl Attkisson Podcast on Hydroxychloroquine

President Trump has also taken on China and the WHO’s handling of the pandemic. The Deep State through the MSM has once again gone nuclear against the administration for his planned defunding of the WHO.

So now, the Deep State in their hope that President Trump can be taken down before he causes a permanent shift in the nation’s priorities by taking on China and localizing supply lines is using the Pandemic to try to oust the President. They want more than anything to restore the pre-Trump relationship with China as well as a forward adversarial position in the Middle East and against Russia.

Forcing severe lockdowns, hiding medicine that is working, and ignoring clear data that shows that the novel coronavirus is far less dangerous than what they reported is all a part of an orchestrated attempt to take down President Trump.

Essentially, the Deep State is losing control and is willing to play along with the Chinese Communist Regime in order to take down an administration that rightly called out the CCP for what it is and made sure to root out its partners in the American governmental apparatus.

Once again, you don’t have to be a fan of President Trump to call into question his opposition’s morbid politicizing and divisive strategy to take him down during a pandemic. Just think about it. If this pandemic is as serious as they claim shouldn’t they be trying to sit and work together with the Administration? Thats what countries do that are facing a common enemy. So either this pandemic is far less dangerous than the Mainstream Media and other so called experts like Dr. Fauci claim or they are truly hell bent on retailing power, no matter who dies on the way.


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