Arson Terrorist Caught on Security Camera

by Avi Abelow

Again our Arab Muslim enemies in the name of “Palestine” used arson terror against us, right near a Jewish community in Samaria. Most of the times there is no physical proof, but this time there is video footage from the community security camera.

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Last week Israel was hit by a heat wave of consecutive days with over 100 degree weather. There were over 200 fires around the country with 71 in the Judea & Samaria area. We have no clue how many of them were started intentionally by our Arab Muslim neighbors as arson terror attacks. But, unfortunately, this is not the first time that they have used arson as a terror tactic.

For a people who say they care about “their” land, it is quite telling that that they are willing to burn it down to harm the land, as well as people, Jew & Arab Muslim alike.

We will overcome their hatred and terror. Step one is educating people to understand that the whole cause called “Palestine” is based on killing Jews and destroying the Jewish state of Israel, yet nothing to do with self-determination. They could have had a state multiple times, yet they said no to every single peace plan. The history and facts are quite clear.


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