The truth about the attempted coup against Bibi

by Phil Schneider

Israel is now going through an unprecedented attempt to bring down Benjamin Netanyahu through whatever means works. Since the electorate continues to elect and reelect Benjamin Netanyahu, the Democratic method of getting Netanyahu out of office has proven to be a dead end. So, a legal coup was decided upon, but there is basically nothing more than an integrity charge based on nothing more than a few gifts that Netanyahu received from wealthy friends. Yes – a few gifts – some cigars and champagne.

Could it actually be a legal problem that should bring down the Prime Minister if he received some cigars and champagne – allegedly in order to do some favors for some people? The Attorney General has decided to “juice up” the charges with thousands of words and hundreds of witnesses. But, there is actually no serious case against the Prime Minister. The Attorney General in Israel is just part of the problem. In truth, the activist Supreme Court in Israel and the entire legal system in Israel is perhaps the most dangerous side of the entire State today.

What Israel needs more than anything is genuine checks and balances – not just for the Judicial Branch, but for the Legislative and Executive branch. Israel’s parliamentary democracy is most certainly a Western Democracy. But it is nowhere as balanced as necessary as far as the limits of power that each group has. These are the key problems. One minor Member of Knesset, and certainly 3,4, or 5 members can bring down a government way too easily. This would be akin to a few Congressmen being able to bring down the President of the United States. Secondly, the Prime Minister cannot be stopped by the legislative branch if he decides to implement a policy that is supported by the opposition – even if he was elected based on a completely opposite platform. But the worst of all is the seemingly endless power of the Judiciary. The main problem is that the Judiciary continues to implement whatever their activist opinions are by reappointing their successors. There is no Senate Committee that needs to vote in the Judges. Judges are not elected in any way – they simply reappoint people with their own ideologies in order to perpetuate their opinions on the electorate.

Israel is a wonderful government with some wonderful leaders. But, a reset of the limits of the Judiciary need to be fixed. The case against Netanyahu may lead to this.


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