Why antisemites have the most absurd logic

by Leah Rosenberg

Antisemites could not be more paradoxical and hypocritical if they tried. According to them, the Jew always seems to fit the crime. The Jew is always wrong.

It’s Antisemites Who Fit the Crime

The antisemites of the world try to blame the Jew for everything, as this video points out. The Jew is too right wing, the Jew is too left wing, the Jew controls everything. Any excuse they can think of, they blame the Jew.

But really, it is the antisemites who fit the crime. The way they treat the Jewish person and the Jewish people as a whole. The things they say and do. How can any human being be so violent and say such horrendous things to another innocent human being? It seems to only be getting worse throughout the world and throughout America.

People thought America would be “safe.” But look at America now! Synagogues are being attacked. Jews walking the streets are being harassed. Young children are being taught to hate in New York schools. Is this the type of world we want to live in?

75 Years After the Holocaust…

How can this be happening just 75 years after the Holocaust ended? Seeing Neo-Nazis parade through the streets of America is horrifying. And on the other side, seeing Leftists claim the Jews own the media and the money of the world is appalling. No side of the political spectrum is immune.

Antisemites are on their own spectrum. And we must realize that sadly, antisemitism is still ever so present in the world and America. It is enough.

Enough of the antisemitic attacks – physical and verbal. It should pain everyone to hear and see such assaults, whether you are Jewish or not. Hopefully one day soon, the idea that “the Jew always fits the crime” will be eradicated from the world.

Blood Libel
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