This Comment Belongs In Gaza Not America

by Phil Schneider

Anti-Semitism is coming back into style. One can argue that it has always been strong, but was hidden under the rug. However, there is no question that now there is a whole other level of anti-semitism that is becoming the norm in cities such as New York or New Jersey. What used to only be out in the open in the Middle East is now becoming the norm all over the world. Does this portend a not-so-bright future for world Jewry. History teaches us that anti-semitism rarely rears it’s head just temporarily. It tends to just fester and grow.

Where are the main threats of anti-semitism today in the Western world? They exist in various forms and groups. Often, as in the past, anti-semites are driven by polar opposite reasons. For examples, both the right-wing fringes and the left-wing fringes are filled with lots of anti-semitic sentiment. This confuses many people. Can there indeed be contradictory causes of anti-semitism? History says absolutely yes.

But in addition to these two groupings, there is an entirely different group that is not so much about right-wing or left-wing fringes. This is the group that is the hardest to speak about because of accusations of racism that come up when broaching the subject. But it is time to confront the evil head-on. Yes, black anti-semitism is rampant today in the United States. To understand the underlying causes is not simple at all. But to see that it is a major force that needs to be reckoned with is now out in the open for anyone with two eyes to see. The Jersey City killing and Monsey terror attacks are unfortunately not exceptions to the rule, but natural outgrowths of an enormous amount of pent-up hatred that finally came out of the woodworks. We need to deal with this. It will not go away on it’s own.

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