G-d has challenged the world to become something greater

by Leah Rosenberg

Become something greater. Easier said than done, of course. But will we answer the call when this pandemic is over? Will we answer the call now?

Call to Become Something Greater

G-d has challenged each and every one of us to improve our lives and ourselves. He has given the world something difficult to overcome.

It does not mean he doesn’t love the creations that He Himself created. Just because G-d tests us individually and as a community does not indicate that He has removed His Divine providence from the world. No, on the contrary. G-d loves us and wants us to grow and become something greater. The world has been hit with a plague, an unprecedented crisis. But even more so now we should be able to see how G-d controls every aspect of the world. A tiny virus is affecting the entire human race. A tiny virus has killed and harmed so many. It is “just” a tiny virus. We cannot see it, but it is there.

And maybe we need to remember that about G-d, too. We cannot see Him, but He is most definitely there. He is rooting for us to achieve greatness. He is rooting for us to succeed and overcome the tests He gives. Is it easy? Not even a little. It will take a lifetime. It is a slow process. But as long as we are moving, and as long as we are doing that “moving” in the right direction, then we have heeded G-d’s call.

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