Do God and science contradict each other?

by Leah Rosenberg

God and science – can you believe in both? Well, some people think the two contradict each other. But when you take a look, you’ll see they go together.

God and Science

This video perfectly explains the theory of the contradiction between God and science. It actually is harder to be an atheist in this situation. You need more proof. Believing in God makes more sense. And it seems that maybe more scientists are starting to see this as well.

How could the entire world and all its intricacies come about without a Designer? The Universe is an amazing place. There is so much detail. How was the Earth placed at a perfect distance from the sun so that we do not burn and so that we do not freeze to death? Human life would not be able to exist if the Earth was any closer or any farther. Only a God can create such perfection. The list goes on and on as to the proof that God has a hand in science and nature.

God Made His World

Here is another example of how God and science do not contradict each other. If you take a look at the weather in Israel, you’ll see it responds to the Jews. It shows Divine Providence. There is a unique relationship. When the Jewish people are present in the land, the land prospers. How can you explain that without a God? It is actually more complicated to explain such phenomenon by “chance.”

The world has a Creator. God placed everything in this world for a purpose. Each tree, body of water, star, and mountain is exactly where it is supposed to be. Every molecule. Every atom. Just open your eyes, and the more you look for God in science and this world, the more you will see Him.

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