BDS targets Eurovision in Israel and tries to pressure BBC

by Leah Rosenberg

A bunch of singers have decided to make a stand – against Israel. The morals of these singers do not surprise anyone. Of course, now that Israel has won the Eurovision contest, and Israel is the new host for this coming year, it was just a matter of time.

Some singers have chosen to perform in Israel and some have not. Bon Jovi did not back down. But others continue to battle against Israel via the BDS movement.

BDS – The New Anti-Semitism

The words have become synonymous. That’s a good thing – it is the truth. There has always been a significant amount of grassroots anti-semitism in every corner of the world. But, the newest form of anti-semitism is actually the same old form that has been used for centuries. It is the form that argues that the best way to hit the Jews is where it hurts them most – their pockets. Of course, that is built on the stereotype of Jews being a greedy race. Among ant-semites, this is accepted as axiomatic.


But, the truth is that this entire line of thinking is based on pure jealousy. Not only on jealousy. But the jealousy is definitely there. The Arab and pro-Arab people who built up the BDS movement look upon the State of Israel with widespread jealousy. They see what a country with so few natural resources has done in just 7 decades. Israel has built up a thriving democracy, a thriving economy with the best hi-tech firms fighting for the best and brightest minds to work for them. More importantly, Israel has afforded the Arab minority true voting rights and the ability to serve on Israel’s Supreme Court. An Arab Supreme Court judge actually convicted an Israeli President and put him in jail for years. This drives Israel’s Arab enemies nuts. How many Arabs dream to put their rulers in jail, or at least depose them. Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and other Arab countries all have major economic problems. Meanwhile, their dictators or leaders live rather lavish lifestyles.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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