The fallen soldier speaks up in this moving tribute

by Leah Rosenberg

What is a fallen soldier? He is a hero. A warrior. A person. Someone who made the ultimate sacrifice so that freedom can actually mean something for us.

The Fallen Soldier

This video was so well made. Why? Because it is timeless. Not only is it timeless, but anyone in any culture can relate to the fallen soldier. People throughout the world can feel connected to this concept, not only people in America (being that this was made about US soldiers).

Soldiers in any army fighting for freedom are heroes and warriors. And it is not because they have no fears and have the ultimate strength. But it is because despite those fears and limitations, they have chosen to protect and defend all of that which we hold dear. Sometimes, they are forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. It is tragic. It is hard to swallow. The least we can do is remember them for eternity. The least we can do is remember their sacrifices and continue their legacy.

Don’t Forget Memorial Day

Don’t forget what Memorial Day is all about in America. Yes, there are sales and barbecues. But for those who have lost someone or have a family member currently serving, the sales don’t matter. The barbecues are not what the day is about for them. It is a heavy day. An emotional day. Memorial Day means something different for these families.

And maybe this video is a good reminder of what it should mean for all of us.

Whether you personally know a soldier serving in the US Army or not, don’t forget the fallen soldier. Because you are only able to live life the way you want to because of that fallen soldier. And that is not something to take for granted.

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