by David Mark

The Communist Chinese Party or CCP is a totalitarian regime in control of over 1.4 billion people, enslaving them to a life of servitude to the controlling party. The CCP didn’t get as powerful as it has without outside help. Wall Street, more interested in stock prices and growth, fed the nascent CCP the money it needed to grow into the beast it is.

Ultimately, it was Wall Street that has enabled the CCP to move from a fringe regime to one that garnered the most favored nation status year in and year out during the Clinton administration.

In the final year of the Clinton administration, China finally entered the WTO. It was then that the Wall Street firms shifted capital into China and moved the bulk of American industrial output to China. This boosted the CCP’s ability to understand how American companies worked and to push from the inside to control and unwind the American economic machine.

The Wall Street firms have continuously gained wealth at the expense of American power and jobs.

Communist party leaders eventually sent their children to work in firms like JP Morgan and other big banks, gaining control and influence through being able to offer favors for these companies back home.

With the CCP virus raging around the world, it has become clear that the lust after money and cheap products has fueled the growth of the very beast that has set as its agenda the total control of the USA and its allies. Ultimately, it is our society’s addiction to inexpensive products and the ability to believe we can fulfill any desire that pops in our heads with the simple click of a button that has given the CCP the fuel it needs.

So will the US fight back? In a sense it has already begun to do so. The growing tensions between China and the West mark a dramatic turn in global relationships. At the same time, the USA and its citizens must institute a change of strategy in terms of the amount of wants it desires to fulfill. It must work to flip its consumer economy to something that is far more resilient. Only then can it weather the coming storm and conflict with the CCP.

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