Israeli hospital celebrates closing of COVID-19 ward after all patients recover

by Leah Rosenberg

At Shaare Zedek, an Israeli hospital that was filled with Corona patients, watch what the staff did when everyone recovered.

Staff at Israeli Hospital Dances

It is not everyday that you get to see medical staff letting it all out and dancing like this. But something about the Coronavirus connected everyone in a unique way. Medical staff found themselves caring for people in a way they never thought they would or could. Doctors and nurses put their lives on the line and risked getting sick to ensure that those ill with COVID-19 had the best possible treatment.

Somehow, everyone became family.

And when your family member survives a vicious illness, you’re going to dance with joy. And that is exactly what the medical staff at this Israeli hospital did. The Shaare Zedek staff celebrated when they closed their COVID-19 ward. What an amazing victory. G-d healed all the patients, and everyone was thankful.

Recognizing the Good

Yes, sadly, there are still those who are critically ill with coronavirus. There are still people suffering, and we hope and pray that everyone recovers.

But we must recognize the good too. We must acknowledge the not-so-small gifts G-d has given us. A hospital closing its COVID-19 ward is a huge celebration. And it is such a heartwarming thing to watch the medical staff rejoicing like this!

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