Marry Poppins Corona parody takes the internet by storm

by Leah Rosenberg

Everyone loves Marry Poppins. So having a Marry Poppins parody like this is definitely entertaining and worth watching! You’ll be singing along by the end.

Marry Poppins Covers Corona

Everyone is trying to do what they can to survive quarantine, corona, and the bad news. And this one person found a Julie Andrews impersonator to create the perfect Marry Poppins Corona Parody.

Let’s be honest: We all need some entertainment. We all can use a good laugh. Yes, we need to know what is going on in the world, but sometimes, it is too much. Sometimes, we need to turn off the news, stop hearing about the death and the infected, and just enjoy a good parody.

We’re All Going Through it Together

The nice thing about videos like this one and others is that it shows the entire world is going through the same thing. Not only people in America, not only people in Israel, and not only people in Europe. This song is universal.

And although things are difficult, knowing that you personally are not the only one having a hard time makes it somewhat more manageable. We can all relate to this song. So, make sure you share some of the joy with others!

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