Families of IDF soldiers receive big surprise during the Corona crisis

by Leah Rosenberg

IDF soldiers have an exhausting job. Keeping the country safe is not easy. But the other part of their job that is so difficult is being away from family.

IDF Soldiers Come Home

In a new music clip released in honor of Israel’s 72nd Independence Day, Rabbi Shlomo Katz and Moshe Kesselman sing as IDF soldiers are seen returning to their loving and longing families. The song is about thanking the One Above and praising Him. Hearing such an uplifting song with this footage is priceless.

It is moments like these that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. These soldiers had not been home in longer than they expected because of COVID-19. Their families missed them deeply, and they missed their families. Being an IDF soldier requires a lot of dedication to serving the Jewish people. It requires a lot of self sacrifice – but not only on the side of the soldier himself. The family gives up seeing their loved one.

For Israel’s 72nd year, what better way to celebrate than to show the happiness that families feel when they reunite with their loved ones serving in the army. And, along with it, this song which is all about thanking G-d – it just can’t get any better!

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