Is G-d TV in Israel Planning on Praying for Jews or Preying on Jews?

by Avi Abelow

NOTE: As Orthodox Jews we do not write out the full name of the almighty out of awe and respect for the almighty.

Blessed to have this interview with Shannon Nuszen, a former evangelical missionary, today an Orthodox Jew who lives in the Judean Hills, the heartland of the Jewish homeland. Shannon spoke to me about the recent controversy in Israel of G-d TV getting a license to broadcast in Hebrew on Israeli TV for Jews. Shannon, a former missionary herself, has a riveting life story. She opens up about her missionary past, and the journey she took to then convert and become an Orthodox Jew.

Shannon’s insight, as a former missionary together with her in-depth knowledge of Judaism, is critical in understanding why the issue of G-d TV broadcasting in Israel is such a controversy in Isreal today. Her voice is also essential in understanding how our communities can move forward together in the best, most mutually beneficial way.

CEO of G-d TV Explains

The CEO of G-d TV explains that he only intends to bring the gospel of Jesus to the Jews of Israel so they can believe in Jesus and turn them into messianic Jews. “We don’t proselytize. We preach and teach Christian content and let God do the rest.” And… they don’t want Jews to convert. They want us to remain Jewish, keep our culture and traditions… just accept Jesus as our messiah.

What he doesn’t understand is that belief in Jesus as the messiah is 100% forbidden for Jews. In Judaism, we have one G-d and we only worship that one G-d. For Jews, Jesus was a Jew who went up to the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem during the Roman occupation of our Holyland.

He is believed by Christians to be the messsiah we do not try to convince Christians not to worship him. We just want them to respect our beliefs as well, which forbids believing that he is the messiah or worshiping him.

Former Evangelical missionary Shannon Nuszen explains:

“It is not uncommon to hear Christian supporters of Israel profess their love for the Jewish people, and deny that they have any intention to proselytize while in the Jewish state.

Yet, if you were to see these same Christians speaking in churches around America you’d hear something completely different. Among themselves, they are free to take their masks off.

When they’re seeking support from fellow Christians, they will share the work they are doing in the Holy Land, describe their tactics, and give many success stories about bringing Jews to belief in Jesus.”

God TV removed their original video that clearly stated their agenda to share the Gospel of Jesus with the Jewish people.

The Jewish Israel Facebook page found a copy of the public video before it was removed. Here’s the full video:

Arab Incitement
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