Opposition To Partnering With Terror Supporting Party Grows

by David Mark

Although Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz and his partner Yair Lapid insist they have no choice but to build a minority coalition based on support from the terror supporting Joint List, more dissenting voices against such a move are being heard from within his own block.

While the nation has been shocked by the potential of such a union, especially pushed by three generals who should know better, the rebellion within the Left-Center block has grown. While MKs Hendel and Hauser, known for their rightwing views were the first to begin challenging the dangerous political move, Gesher faction leader Orli Levy-Abekasis who only teamed up with the Left due to social issues has now come out against a coalition supported by the Joint List.

Add Chili Tropper and Gantz’s chance at building a coalition see far away.

Of course the left has slammed Orli Levy-Abekasis for being a traitor to the block. The problem with that is Gantz promised over and over again they would never work with the Joint List who doesn’t even recognize Israel as a Jewish state.


With the situation as fluid as it is, it is difficult to make any predictions. The one thing is clear though and that the great transition in Israel between a society driven only by secular Zionism to one that has at its core a higher mission exhibited by Religious Zionism and Jewish tradition appears to be in full swing.

Benny Gantz and company are willing to sell the country out to its enemies, because their Zionism has become empty. The only question is, whether the Zionism of tradition, religion, rectification, and redemption has come to a level of maturity yet and if so are its leaders ready to take the mantle of leadership?

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