Yishai Fleisher: “We Cannot Be Victims of Terror”

by Micha Gefen

Yishai Fleisher, spokesperson for Hebron recently spoke to a supportive crowd at CPAC 2020 along side Caroline Glick and others.

In his comments, he recounted a story about his daughter’s bat mitzvah where instead of wading through Israeli bureaucracy in order to get the approval to set off fireworks he asked his “Palestinian” neighbors to set them off – and they did.

This one example of cooperation between the Jews and “Palestinian” Arabs of Hebron shows the potential for peace that exists when both sides drop the political games going back and forth. Fleisher insisted that we cannot be afraid to go to Biblically important areas despite the appearance of security issues because to do so would mean we would be giving into terror. “We cannot be victims of terror,” Fleisher said to loud applause.


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