Muslim Woman Fights Back to Defend Herself Against “Modesty” Attack

by Avi Abelow

Iranian Muslim woman in assaulted by Iranian man for modesty issue defends herself and surprises her aggressor.

It’s almost four decades, since 1979, that Iranian women are victims of Islamist violence, under the name of “enjoining good and forbidding wrong” also called sharia law. This is what is coming to the growing Muslim communities in Europe and the West if Westerners don’t stand up against the intolerant, violent aspects of Islam.

Leftists in Europe, the USA and other Western countries won’t say a word to stand up for Iranian women or other women victimized under sharia law. For all their big talk about “feminism” and “qeual rights”, when it comes to Islam, they are silent. All while the biggest victims of the intolerance and violence of Islam are Muslims! Their silence in standing up for Muslims victimized by their own religion will come back in spades with intolerance and violence towards non-Muslims in Europe, the USA, Canada etc.

Imam Tawhidi, aka Imam of Peace tweeted about this video: “He assaulted her because a few of her hairs were sticking out. Well done to this lady for fighting back and defending herself. I would say aim for (something else) next time, but he has none. These monsters are a stain on this race and planet.

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