Now the New York Times fears the Left

by Leah Rosenberg

The New York Times has made many mistakes. And often times, they do not correct them. This time, when they did correct their mistake, the Left wasn’t happy.

The New York Times’ Agenda

The New York Times has an agenda, as do many of the “mainstream” media outlets. Often times, they blame and criticize the President of the United States, Donald Trump, when it is completely wrong to do so. They even spread lies, sadly enough. They are not neutral. And this newspaper will often give meaningless apologies, if any at all.

This time, they ran a headline that said “Trump Condemns White Supremacy, but Doesn’t Propose Gun Laws After Shooting.” That was not true. As Ben Shapiro points out, that is not journalism. What Trump actually said was that white supremacy is evil. After being criticized for the false headline, they changed it to something more neutral: “Trump Urges Unity vs. Racism.” But the left panicked. They could not handle such a neutral headline that did not go along with their agenda. The New York Times then switched it from the front page news as a result of the Left’s criticism. Welcome to America in 2019, where even the media fears the Left.

Fearing the Left

The New York Times became a bias newspaper. But they are not far enough to the Left according to the radical left. AOC accused them of white supremacy because of the neutral, unbiased headline.

The entire thing is absolutely ridiculous. What happened to the newspaper’s policy of “Without fear or favor?” What has happened to the media and to politics?

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