Israel’s security thwarts Hamas terror attack in Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

There are many groups of Arab terror groups in the Land of Israel. The Hamas is one of many – probably the largest group. However, each and every Arab city in the Land of Israel has different structures of families that exert their power over other groups of people in the Arab cities. There is rarely a time when a terrorist is not caught in the Land of Israel. This leads to the obvious conclusion that Israel must get better and better at searching out and arresting anyone who serves as a potential terrorist threat to the Jewish people in the Land of Israel.

How do you search for Terrorists?

There are many tactics that are used by the Israeli Army to reach and arrest terrorists before they commit their acts. First of all, in order to determine what is the most effective method, you have to look at what the Arabs complain about the most. Just like the Al Qaeda terrorists complained about drones because they worked, the Arabs in the State of Israel complain endlessly about checkpoints.

Checkpoints do the job. Day-in, and day-out, the Israel Defense Forces finds weapons hidden away that Arabs try to smuggle through checkpoints. Potential terrorists simply do not have an effective way to get through a checkpoint with a suicide vest or any other device that will arouse the suspicion of the Israeli Army.

Checkpoints save lives. They are here for good until the threats cease to exist. In the West, there are checkpoints at every single airport. Now that the threat has grown, there are more checkpoints. The trend of the world is that there will be more checkpoints, not less checkpoints. Israel is no different.

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