After surviving the Holocaust, this woman did something that will bring you to tears

by Leah Rosenberg

After surviving the Holocaust, Mari Nahmias went on to build a Jewish home in the Jewish homeland. But that is not all she did.

Surviving the Holocaust and More

Surviving the Holocaust would have been courageous and brave enough on its own. But what Mari Nahmias took upon herself years later to thank God for her son’s recovery from an army injury is just beyond words. It takes a certain type of person to do what Nahmias did. She fostered over 50 children. She did not discriminate against any religion – Mari took in anyone who needed to be cared for and loved, whether they were Arab, Jews, or Christians.

The fact that she did not lose faith in humanity and continued on to build a life and to help others build their lives as well is just inspiring.

We Should All View Life This Way

Marie Nahmias views each and every life as important. And every one of us should view life this way as well. When taking children in, she did not care if a child was blind, had a disease, or had a special need. Every child was special and important to her. As she said in the interview, “You can’t just throw kids like this away in the trash. Bring them to me.”

She was chosen to light a torch at Israel’s Annual Independence Day Celebration in 2019. It is considered one of the biggest honors to be chosen for this. And Mari is very well deserving of such a special honor, despite the fact that the only prize she wants is from God.

Motivation for Terror
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