Are you ready to rebuild the Temple?

by Chaya Cikk

Now, we ready to rebuild the Temple that was destroyed so long ago. The Temple was the holiest place on earth for the Jewish People. We can only hope that soon we will see the rebuilding of this holy site.

Rebuild the Temple

The Temple was destroyed almost 2000 years ago and the Jews were sent into exile. Ever since the destruction the Jewish People have been praying for the Messiah and for the rebuilding of the Third Temple.

Granted that there are so many different views on what will happen when the Third Temple is rebuilt. Will there be all the sacrifices as before? Will we still celebrate all the festivals? What will happen to the 9th of Av? There are so many questions but there is only one person who can answer them. That is God. With this in mind, we can only pray that He rebuilds the Temple soon.

9th Av

It is believed that on this day the First and Second Temple were destroyed. Additionally, many other tragedies have fallen on this day. For example, the 12 spies that Moses sent to the land of Israel returned and gave negative reports about the land of Israel. Also, the Crusades started on this day, Jews were expelled from Spain (1492), France (1306) and England (1290). Germany entered World War One, the “final solution” which became the Holocaust started on this day.

Furthermore, there are many laws regarding 9th Av. Jews refrain from wearing leather shoes, they sit on low chairs or on the floor, no eating or drinking, no washing or bathing. Many refrain from learning certain parts of the Bible and only read about the laws of mourning or texts related to the destruction of the Temple.

Finally, we all hope and pray that the Messiah will come, speedily in our days and we will see the rebuilding of the Temple, in Jerusalem. Amen!

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