LIVE BLOG UPDATE Muslim Rioting on The Temple Mount on the Day Jews Mourn its Destruction

by Avi Abelow

As Jews around the world mourn the destruction of the Temple on this day, twice, Muslims use violence to stop Jews from being able to visit our holy site.

The Muslims are always trying to show the world that the Jews have no connection to Jerusalem, and that we did not have a Temple here. But 2,000 years of Jewish mourning, on this very day, for the destruction of the first Temple by the Babyonians in 586 BCE and for the destruction of the Second Temple and Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 SD proves otherwise.

The Israeli police realized that the Muslims were planning violence this morning, so they decided early in the morning not to open the Temple Mount to Jewish visitors. Over 50k Muslims are praying there now, and are being told by their leaders not to leave the area after prayers, so Jews “don’t come in and take over”.

9AM Rioting has started on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Muslims Rioting

Israeli Police Disperse the Rioting

Israeli Policeman Injured in the Rioting

An Israeli police officer was injured in the rioting

10:55AM 14 Arabs lightly injured during the clashes….. Jews are now being allowed up to the temple mount under very heavy security

Jews Waiting Patiently to Visit the Mount in Prayer and Song

11:08 The Israeli Police closed it again to the Jews after rioting picked up

11:34AM A group of Israelis are being allowed up to the Temple Mount as police disperse rioters with tear gas and rubber bullets

Jews Singing and Dancing to Screaming from the Muslims

Temple Institute Message


100’s of Jews fasting on Tisha b’Av, the anniversary of the destruction of the 1st and 2nd Holy Temple, waiting in the hot sun, some for as long as five hours, while Israel police contended with rioting Muslims on the Temple Mount, “celebrating” the Muslim holiday of eid al ahda. Finally, at 10:45 AM the police opened the Mugraby Gate entrance and allowed 100’s of Jews onto the Mount for a brief tour of the Mount. 100’s of police were present on the Mount preventing the Muslims from attacking the Jews. Police were firing stun grenades to fend off the Arab mob. 

After exiting the Temple Mount the Jews were met with another mob of screaming Muslim men and women. Police were also present to push back the Muslim aggressors as Jews walked off the Mount. 

We thank the Israel police, under the direction of Police Minister Gilad Erdan, who prevailed against the Muslim rioters and insured that Jews would be able to visit the place of the Holy Temple on the day that we mourn its destruction and prepare ourselves for its rebuilding.

Dr. Risch

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